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August 2010
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Citizen Rain Water Tests in Louisiana Show Unsafe Levels of Toxins

Many people, including Kindra Arnesen and the Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana, are doing great work in Louisiana. The video below with Kindra speaking from the August 5, 2010 Buras Town Hall Meeting about the gulf oil catastrophe is powerful and informative. The video includes the importance of bio-remediation as well as the serious problems with toxins in the environment including the rainwater. The level of denial shown by the official (see the 9:15 point of the video onward) who Kindra speaks with is also illustrative of what many face when trying to realize common sense care for the gulf.



5 comments to Citizen Rain Water Tests in Louisiana Show Unsafe Levels of Toxins

  • Thank you for your support and helping us get the word out on this important issue. We (Coastal Heritage Society of La) are working hard at informing and protecting the citizens of Coastal La but the mainstream media often does not like what we have to say….It becomes a source of frustration when we have info that the public needs but do not have access to.
    We appreciate your support.
    Kindra (our outreach coodrinator in the vodeo above) in in Los Angeles today at a press conf. with the hopes that many more will hear the truth. However you can lead the media to a story but you cant make them print.

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  • Leo Denton

    Joannie, thanks so much for all y’all are doing with Coastal Heritage Society of Louisiana. More and more we the people need to take matters in our own capable hands. My email is denton2100@gmail.com – please stay in touch about your efforts – and please do not hesitate to suggest activities that you think might be helpful to us!

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  • Thank you for posting this informative and extremely upsetting video. We will send it to our large Newsletter list. Also, I’ve written an article with information you and your readers may not have seen, about a rebellion May 21 of the White House press corps against BP control of the disaster response, which led to the White House’s public campaign to claim the Oil Pollution Act requires BP be in control, which control led to the massive use of Corexit and all the rest. The argument at the press conference is revealing. The article proves the Oil Pollution Act justification is simply a lie.

    Jared Israel

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  • I have been using TWITTER and Facebook to push information about the use of Bio Remediation and Microbes.

    Please watch this video…the persons who is has this warehoused, his information is at the end of it.

    I have had the pleasure of spending lots of time in Hancock County Mississippi, which is not that far from you all. I love the Gulf Coast waters. Currently I live in Cape Coral, Florida, which is SW on the Gulf of Mexico. We have people here saying “no oil on our beaches~” BS! Our beautiful Gulf is being destroyed. I am living with the Gulf disaster 30 miles off my shoreline…YET. So currently, i am selling everything I own and moving back to New England. I know other people who live in this same area who are moving out…due to the GULF DISASTER!


    God Bless you all~

    Mary Luz

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  • Correction: I meant to say I am NOT living with the disaster 30 miles off my shoreline…YET. This is literally in your back yard. My heart just breaks for everyone who live and make their lives in the beloved Gulf.

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